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An experienced television journalist, Robin runs Regis Media, a UK-based content marketing consultancy which helps financial advice firms around the world to attract, retain and educate clients.

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“It is increasingly common for universities to offer financial education or life skills courses as electives, the authors note. However, less is known about the potential effect of these courses on factors beyond basic financial literacy — from the levels of financial stress experienced by course-takers to their actual financial well-being during their working lives and retirements.”

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CONTENT FOR ADVICE FIRMS Through our partners at Regis Media, TEBI provides a wide range of high-quality content for financial advice and planning firms. The material is designed to help educate clients and to engage with prospects. As well as exclusive content, we also offer a wide range of pre-produced videos which explain how investing works and the valuable role that a good financial adviser can play. If you would like to find out more, why not visit the Regis Media website and YouTube channel? If you have any specific enquiries, email Robin Powell, who will be happy to help you.

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