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An experienced television journalist, Robin runs Regis Media, a UK-based content marketing consultancy which helps financial advice firms around the world to attract, retain and educate clients.

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Stand and fight your corner


Here’s another round-up of some of the best and most important reads for financial advisers and advice business owners.

“Proud IFAs must stay strong and hold their corner because, even if a gale is blowing against them, there are compelling reasons why the independent model should live to fight another day.”

Why it’s essential that truly independent advice survives and thrives (Justin Cash)

Marketing, content & social media

We need to get better at articulating the value of advice (Tony Vidler)

How to make your advice brand appeal to emotions (Jay Mooreland)

Should advisers speak their mind on social media? (Jane Wollman Rusoff)

US advice firms are about to embrace video testimonials (Alli Romano)

Five ways to incorporate testimonials in your marketing strategy (Samantha Russell)

Business development

Every advice firm needs a business plan: here’s how to write one (Brett Davidson)

What does an effective sales process look like? (Kristin Shea)

The tiny word that can cost you a prospective client (Dan Smaida)

Practice management

How do you handle a client who’s resistant to change? (Meghaan Lurtz)

Process over product, people over everything (Michael Baker)

The profession

We need to talk about suitability (Robin Powell)

Does it matters that financial advice becomes a profession? (Knut Rostad)

‘Financial advice” is mushrooming on TikTok. How worried should we be? (Nicole Casperson)

Even clients of robo-advisers want to interact with real people (Joachim Klement)

Aspiring advisers

Money Marketing launches new resource for aspiring advisers (Money Marketing)

What’s best route to a career in financial advice? (Amanda-Newman Smith)

How a would-be financial adviser found his sense of purpose (Tom Redmayne)


Do client portfolios really need to include Bitcoin? (Amy Arnott)

Bitcoin? If you really must — but only in moderation (Patrick Cairns)

UK advisers concerned over Tesla’s $1.5bn Bitcoin push (Alison Steed)

Best of the rest

Neil Woodford panned after making semi-apology and announcing comeback (Kristen McGachey)

The simple equation for building wealth that young people need to grasp (Scott Galloway)

How do you make plans for your life when everything remains so uncertain? (Kate Northrup)

Failure is the most powerful learning tool we have: embrace it (Shane Parrish)


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